23 October 2011

PINKTOBER - the Power of the Cupcake

In New York City this October, window displays on high street, bakeries and large superstores had been so inspiring that I had to share a very sweet story with you. had been so inspiring that I had to share a very sweet story 

October is a busy month for everybody who would like to raise #breastcancer awareness across the whole world. Some countries are taking it more seriously then others such as USA, especially New York City, were majority of small to large businesses donate their products or service to raise awareness. Bloomingdale's went for it with their fashionable "small, medium and large" bags now in pink. New York Jets launched women pink merchandise (http://www.jetsshop.com/jets/home.php?cat=555). 

I loved it. I found it very refreshing, very outspoken and exhilarating.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh the great feeling of New York City's vibe is something indescribable. I was overwhelmed when I went to buy a cupcake in the famous Magnolia Bakery (www.magnoliabakery.com) and found this amazing looking Pink Ribbon Cupcake, not only it tasted like a magical fairytale in a pot, but for every purchased Pink Ribbon Cupcake throughout the month of October, Magnolia will donate 50 cents to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in US and since 2008, fans and supporters of delicious, I must say really delicious cupcakes, have purchased tens of thousands of these wonderful Pink Ribbon Cupcakes. 

Lets inspire all those women who now think about the re-start. Go on and create something we all want to hear about or at least taste about :-) !

Love Fir Tree 

18 June 2011

Race for Life 5k, Hampstead Heath, 4 June 2011

With amazing help from everybody around me, I have raised an incredible £255.00 for Cancer Research UK. Its great event ... I always feel so rejuvenated when the race is over as all the people around me are buzzing with positive energy ... I was so happy that the finish line was not that far away after all, I have finished in a new personal record. I really hope that this makes difference to find a cure or even just raise awareness.

This was my second year so far ! Hoping to compete for 10k next year ! Are you joining us next year? Oh one last thing. If you dont know me yet .. I am the only brunette on the picture !