05 May 2012

Marie Curie Zumbathon charity event 29th April 2012

They started to talk about it a while ago ... our fabulous Zumba instructor Paula (Paula's facebook page ) and girls from Marie Curie Hospice in Hampstead decided to organise funky Zumbathon (2 hours of Zumba) to raise awareness and money for this great charity. If you are not so familiar with this charity ... have a look and check it out at Marie Curie Hospice Hamstead website. They enormously help people with terminal cancer. Excellent service for those in need. I admire the nurses and all people who help to run this hospice.

Fir Tree team have contributed by baking around 30 cupcakes (only) ... by the way ... the cupcakes where lemon and poppy seeds & light vanilla flavours. Very tasty (I heard..). Girls were selling sweets, water, cupcakes and lovely T-shirts & funky hairbands to raise even more. Attendance was absolutely overwhelming .. my guess is 200 + ? 

It was great event for networking and for meeting interesting people. I always enjoy Zumba with a bit of twist.

The total money raised was an amazing £1,600 .. great result !

Thank you all for inviting me and hope to do this again very soon ... (here are some picture to illustrate the fun !! )